Making meaningful products and environments

Inspired by the architectures and landscapes of their favorite travels, co-founders and designers, Kathleen Deery and Riana Alizio dreamt up the Urban Parlour collection to rise up to the exceptional venues of special events.

As a collective of multi-faceted creatives from a patchwork of cultural backgrounds, Urban Parlour represents the ultimate convergence of East & West.

Each coming from a family of four girls, Kathleen and Riana’s relationship grew from friendship to soul-sisters to creative collaborators. Bonding early in life through the grit and glamour of a New Jersey and New York upbringing, they’ve trail-blazed their way to California establishing themselves as influencers in the event and design industries. Their great affinity with Chinoiserie expresses a playful dialogue of Eastern and Western sensibilities that form a balance of relaxed sophistication in their environments. Completing this powerhouse squad is Naco Suzuki who brings a world of knowledge and secret talents to the leadership team.

Together, these three kindred spirits are devoted to making meaningful products and environments that leave you feeling inspired and celebrated.

photography by: Melanie Duerkopp, Jose Villa, Erich McVey, Kate Webber